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TikPok is TikTok-inspired, mobile-optimized UI with an intelligent feed algorithm that learns what you like, and keeps giving you more of it.

Despite being a new site, we already have over 20 million monthly visitors and are growing fast. And we have big ambitions, so stay tuned!

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Being frustrated with the user experience most porn sites offered for mobile users we created TikPok.

We wanted to create a site that:
• puts content creators in the spotlight
• is safe to use, and not full with popups or ads
• is easy to use, and learns what you like
• has a premium user interface designed specifically for mobile.
The feed is a stream of videos that are personalized to the user based on their interests, interactions with the app, and the content they've previously viewed. The algorithm uses machine learning to determine which videos a user is most likely to engage with and presents them at the top of the feed.

The feed is also constantly updated with new content, so as the user scrolls through, they will see new videos that the algorithm thinks they'll be interested in.

Additionally, users can also search for specific content or creators, follow trending hashtags, or browse videos by category.
As a Partner, you:
• can upload your content
• and in return get clicks from users to your OnlyFans, Fansly, Linktree, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites
• get prominent exposure on TikPok
• collaborate directly with TikPok staff
• get many more perks, as we keep improving the Partner program every day!
The process to become a partner is detailed at our Partner Application page. Simply follow the process and once you are approved by our team, you are a Partner!
At TikPok, we respect the desire of creators to create content without showing their face. However, TikPok is mandatorily required to obtain and keep on record written consent from all persons depicted in any content uploaded to the site, and to have verified the age and identity of all persons depicted in every piece of uploaded content.

When creators choose to obscure their face in content (e.g. using masks, filters, blurring, emoticons, etc.), we require an additional verification picture that clearly shows their full face and nudity in order to confirm their identity. This is necessary for us to verify that the individuals depicted in the uploaded content match the person in the verification picture.
At TikPok, we understand the importance of driving traffic to our Partners' websites and online platforms. That is why we have ve made it easy for Partners to add links to their profiles and posts. By simply going to their profile settings, Partners can add links to their websites, social media accounts, and other online platforms.

These links will be prominently displayed on their profile and some (OnlyFans + a custom link) even on all of their posts, making it easy for users to click through and visit their websites. This feature is a great way for Partners to increase their visibility and drive more traffic to their online presence.

We believe in fully empowering creators. Therefore, you are free to link to any other website you want. This includes websites where you, as the Partner, makes money off your content.
As a Partner, you can submit your links at the profile settings page, at profile section.
For our Partners, is crucial to be able to measure the effectiveness of their links in driving traffic to their websites and online platforms. Because of this, all clicks are tracked by default in our system.

Partners have access to detailed click-through data and statistics that can be viewed in the form of charts and graphs. These statistics can show the number of clicks on each link, the days when clicks are most common, and even the geographic location of the users clicking on the links. These tools allow Partners to gain insights into how their links are performing and make data-driven decisions on how to optimize their online presence.
As a Partner, you can upload your content at main page, top right corner click Create and select Video.
For content you own, you can edit and delete it at any time. Navigate to the Video Studio, click on the Videos and select either Edit or Delete.
You can edit your links at the profile settings page, at profile section.
You can change your username at the profile settings page, at profile section.
You can change your profile description at the profile settings page, at profile section.
You can change your profile picture at the profile settings, in Avatar & Cover section.
You have access to detailed statistics at the Video Studio Page.
All content submitted to TikPok must:
• be vertical (portrait) videos in 9:16 format
• have sound
• be at most 60 seconds long

We may remove your content for various reasons, including but not limited to:
1. Posts showing signs of any discrimination, violence, forced or non - consensual activities
2. Posts possibly containing minors under 18
3. Posts containing zoophilia or incest scenes
4. Posts containing scat or blood
5. Low-quality content
6. Stolen content
7. Watermarks are too large
8. Watermarks cover main areas of content or block crucial content moments
9. Censor covering main area of content and blocks crucial content moments
10. Post's title/tags not matching the content
11. No personal data or private information (telephone numbers, GPS information, full legal names, email addresses, financial information or identification) should be shared.
12. Improperly sized media: recommended resolutions are 640 x 1136, 720 x 1280, 750 x 1334, 1080 x 1920 and 1440 x 2560. The whole content must fit this and be full screen.
Please understand that repeated breaks of our terms of service and content guidelines will lead to a permanent ban.

Users will only see your username and other information that you have decided to share on your public profile or in your uploaded content.

Please see our Privacy Policy for a detailed rundown of how we collect, use, and protect your personal data.
You can delete your account by going into the settings and click the "Delete account" button. Please be aware that deleting your account is an irreversible process and all your data will be deleted permanently in accordance with our Privacy Policy. It can take up to 24 hours for the process to complete.
We have support team that is available to help our Partners with any questions or concerns they may have. Partners can contact the team by emailing support@tikpok.net.

Do you have any open question? We would love to help you personally. Please email us at support@tikpok.net.